Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chocolate Pops for Mickey Mouse Birthday

It is difficult to believe that a full year has passed since Blake was born.  Today we had his first birthday party and if you saw the invitations you know that it's a Mickey Clubhouse Theme party.  It took place at a swimming pool and the kids all enjoyed the pool.

As a party favour, I made some chocolate pops.  I was not able to find a Mickey Mouse mould, so I used a happy face and attached pictures of Mickey.  I saw an idea on a blog (... At Studio D) to make a box to stick them in so that's what I did.  It looked something like the one I did.

I started with a shoe box that I just covered with Mickey Mouse colours.  Then I put some Styrofoam in the box to stick the sticks in.   

To make the Mickey Mouse that is stuck in the middle, I used Styrofoam balls, painted them black, and used tooth picks to keep the ears in place.  I also used a wooden dowel to hold the Mickey Mouse head in the box.

 The chocolate pops were made...

I printed some clip art from the internet and pasted them on black Bristol board, put the pops in bags and attached the tag by punching a whole in it and using ribbon

 They were yummy!


  1. Awesome!!!
    What a wicked job...long time no talk...we should do lunch this week!

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