Sunday 26 February 2012

Rice Crispy Mickey Pops

Rice Crispy cookies have been around forever and they are great to make cookie pops.

I began by making the cookies as per the instructions written on the box.

 When they cooled a little, I cut them using a Mickey Mouse Cookie cutter.  Do not leave them too long because they will be more difficult to cut.  I dipped a stick in chocolate and put the stick into the cookie.  I left them for a while to harden so that they wouldn't break when picked up.

Then I melted some chocolate and dipped the ears into it.

Put them into a plastic bag.  Mine were too long so I had to cut them.  Then I tied ribbon around the stick to hold the bag in place and finished it with a sticker on each side.

These are fun to make and they look great, but they are time consuming, so if you decide to do something like this make sure to give yourself enough time.



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