Monday, 31 October 2011

KISS- The Next Generation

Halloween Costume

My Nephew, Matthew, decided that he wanted to be Gene Simmons this year for Halloween.   His mother decided that "we" would make his costume.   It turned into somewhat of a cooperative affair.  Here is what we did.  Not bad considering the only thing not made was the wig.

For starters, we had to do some armor to go on his top.  That became my job.  Here is my progress.  I don't have a pattern to share, but pictures of most of the process-- I made it up as I went by looking at pictures from the net.  For the armor, I started with some paper that I cut out as templates for the upper vest.  I did the same for the other pieces.

We needed something to go on the shoulders for pads.  I even went to the good will looking for old shoulder pads from sports, but couldn't find anything.  So we made them from a plastic container that used to hold protein powder.

These would be the basis for the pads.

For the top, I had a plane black shirt to which I attached the armor.

 This was the chest armor.  Silver fabric for the front, batting to make it puffy, and a plain grey backing.  Only the silver can be seen once it is attached.  Next was the wings.

I used black and silver fabric and cut out the wings similar to a bat's wings.  These would be attached to the back and arms so that when the arms lifted, the wings spread.

The Pieces are all made and ready to be attached.

His father made the fantastic guitar cut out of wood.  His mother attached the spikes to the armor and made his boots.  They are made by attaching wooden blocks to a pair of boots,  modeling clay for the face, and a cut up window reflector for the top.  Spray painted as well.

Matthew also got three friends to be the other band members so the entire band was there.  They won first place for costume at their school.

Blake's First Halloween (8 Months Old)

Blake's First Halloween

Here are a few pictures that we took on Sunday, Oct 30, getting ready for Halloween and then a couple with his costume on for Trick or Treating.  What a Cutie!

Here are a few of Poppy Sturge and Blake playing with his Halloween present.

Really likes the music and dancing of his Halloween Puppy.

Now,  Let's get the pumpkin carved.  Do a good job Mom.

Three Generations.

Just chillin' with the Pumpkin.

Let's have a closer look.  What is that?

Sure doesn't taste very good!

A picture with Mom.

Look at those Baby Blues.

Pop gives a very important lesson about life-- Men and remote controls.  I am really concentrating to get all of the information.

Now for the costume.  Puppy Love.

Some other fall pictures.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Christmas Bag

I like the brown paper bag idea for Christmas bags, but I like to see a little Christmas added to them.  This is my bag using the Christmas wrapping that I purchased at Costco last year and since the roll is so large will probably be using it for another 2 years :)

Anyway, let's look at the final product and then I will show you what I did to make it.  Side 1:

Side 2:

These are the items that I began with:

- Music sheet that I printed from the internet.  I'm not musical so I couldn't photocopy something from my collection.
- My snowman Christmas wrap.
- Jute
- Double sided tape
- Glue Gun
- Scissors

Also needed for later:

- Buttons
- Silver Links
- Card Stock
- Coffee 

As you can see, I cut the music notes with the scissors to the size that I wanted for the bag.  Ironically, I am using the Bat Wing design for the Christmas Bag.

I used the 2-way tape to stick the music notes to the bag.  Then I cut up squares of the Christmas wrap to make the little cones I need to make the wreath-like design.

I begin with the snow-man side out-- I didn't mention that the paper is double sided, so I do have some variety.   I hot-glued the cone shapes to the centre of the music sheet.

I finished the round as above and then fitted the cones with the snow-flake side.  I trimmed the cones to the shape and length that I needed after I glued them.  It may be easier to make them all and then cut before gluing-- live and learn.

Then I took a small piece of card stock and stuck some music note paper to both sides.  Used my finger to rub a little coffee on the front to give it a different look.  Then I glued this to the centre of the wreath design to cover the mass of glue.  Then I tied some jute around the card.

It looked a little bare on the front of the card, so I went to the buttons and links.  It kind of looks like a person now that I have glued it on, but that was not the intent.

As for Side 2, it's simple.  Glue the music notes to the back.  Add a strip of Christmas wrap and a jute bow.  Then it's done.

This afternoon holds the excitement of carving Blake's first Pumpkin.  Stay tuned for pictures of that.

Then tomorrow will reveal the Halloween Costume that my sister in law and I have been working on
for the past month-- stay tuned for  the nest generation of ......  can't reveal yet.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Scrappy Coasters

Last year for Christmas a friend,  Glenda Knight, gave me a set of  coasters, made from stamping on ceramic tiles.  I love them!  This made me want to try some myself.  I didn't have any stamps at this point, so I borrowed some from Glenda.

The first mistake I made was I bought the smooth ceramics-- the ink from the stamps don't stay on this.   So I decided to take out the scrap booking paper and Mod Podge.

I started by painting the back of the tiles a neutral color.

Then I stamped the green paper with "From the Heart".   I let this dry overnight.  Then I put a layer of mod podge on the front of the tile and added a square of scrapbooking paper.  I put a layer of Mod Podge on top of that and put the green tag on top and then added more Mod Podge.  After drying for 8 to 10 hours, I added a final coat of Mod Podge, allowed it to dry and sprayed the coasters with an acrylic clear coating to water proof it.  I stuck some felt to each corner to prevent them from scratching the surface.

Since that set I have made more using napkins or fabric instead of scrap booking paper.  They turned out nice as well.  For these, I used an unfinished tile- they are thicker and have a rough texture which is great for the thin napkins.  I used the same technique so I am just going to show you pictures.

 This is a nice spring/ summer coaster.

This one is actually done out of fabric. 

This one is a napkin that I am using on a grey tile.  It is larger than the other tiles and  will make a great tile to put on display or to use on the stove for laying hot items. 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Home Made Christmas Card - Card # 3-- Ornament

The third Christmas Card is my favorite so far.  I think I will make more of these.   Try a few different colors and different arrangements on the star.  

First I drew some stars-- for this and future ornaments.

Then I accordion folded a piece of lace and tied it with ribbon in the centre.

I tore the cardboard so that the star was corrugated. And then I glued the lace to the cardboard with hot glue and added a few buttons.

I used brown paper for the background and a piece of red card stock.

Attached some jute for a hanger and then a small dab of hot glue to hold the star in place.  It can now be easily removed for an ornament.  Not sure how the envelop will work for these.  Certainly not an option to mail.  

Home Made Christmas Card-- Card 2- Doggie

Just like Card 1 was a Iris Folding Card, so is this one.  Again, I used a free pattern that I printed from     I made the dog as per the pattern and then I cut around the red card stock.  I stuck a piece of brown paper to the card.

Then I added a white button to each corner and glued the dog.  I actually filled in all the red with hot glue.  It's difficult to see in the picture, but it does give the card a unique appearance.

Then I stuck a few Christmas ornaments on it that I cut from a card that I was given last year.  

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Home Made Christmas Cards-- Card 1-- Star

Last winter - I guess it was in February- I saw some Christmas Cards that were originally priced for $12.00 for $1.50.  The only problem is they were for inserting photos to the front.  I have decided to be creative and to try a few different ways of doing them.  So far, I have done only 3-- how many days until Christmas??  Anyway, as I do new designs, I will post them.

The first uses a technique called Iris Folding.  There are many free patterns for this on-line, but the one I used was   This was what I started with:

Card Stock Paper
Scotch Tape
Utility Knife
I took the pattern and placed it on top of the red card stock and I used a pencil to trace around the lines of the perimeter of the pattern.   This left a dent in the card stock that I was able to see and cut out the star shape.  

This is the pattern.  I taped the card stock to the top of the pattern so that I could follow the lines.  I also cut the pattern guide off so that I could see the numbers that I had to cover with each color.  The side of the card stock viewed is the back.

I began taping the ribbon over the spaces following the pattern guide.

When I had covered the last one- the Iris- I turned it over and this is what I had.

I then put it in the card.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Country Bath

Anyone who has done cross-stitching knows that it is very rewarding to do, but also very time consuming.   In a box of craft supplies that I was recently given,  there was a kit that I initially thought was cross stitch, but I questioned it when there wasn't any floss.  A closer look revealed that it was a "cross-stitch" impostor-  paint dots.   Of course, I had to give it a try.  Not bad.

Let me show you how it all began.  First I got the kit and some paint.  I didn't really want the green color so I started by painting the heart.

Then using the pattern, I painted the "Country Bath" unto the cloth.  I just saw the instructions what to use as a dotter-- that would have simplified things.  :)  I didn't follow the pattern closely though.

Then I painted the towel rack attached to the heart and made the towel out of the cross stitch material.  I fringed the end to make it look like a towel and painted some stripes on it.  Then I added some green to the sign.  

Then... the star and the jute bow.  

Then the placement in the bathroom.  

On the shelf that my brother and sister-in-law brought from Regina, when they moved home.  I painted it and roughed it with sandpaper to make it look rustic.