Saturday, 3 March 2012

Curtain Makeover-- Get rid of the tabs

Before Christmas, I did another curtain makeover for Blake's bedroom.  The curtain toppers had tabs and they just didn't look right.   I used a pattern made by Simplicity #9846.  I have used it before and I am yet to be disappointed in the results.   Some of these pictures were taken at night, so it's difficult to get a really good picture.

This was the curtain that I started with:  Two tabbed toppers and some brown material.  I needed to add a strip of brown to the bottom to make them longer and to add a rod pocket on the top instead of the tabs.

I sewed the two curtains together as can be seen below.  Then I sewed the strip on the bottom and added a brown lining as well.  I made the folds as per the pattern and then sewed the rod pocket to the top.

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