Monday, 28 November 2011

Hanging Arrow Decoration

It has been a busy week.  I have completed a quilt, started another, made Christmas Cakes, and just the everyday hustle and bustle of life.  I just got a new computer so now ready to blog some of that stuff.  Can not do some though because I have to wait until after Christmas.

This week I made a hanging decoration to go on my arrow sign.  I have to apogize for not having pictures of each step, but they were lost in the transition from an old computer and this one.  Still want to show what I did though.  This is the end result.

I started with an old picture frame.  I got this idea from Sarah at Alderberry Hill who had recently used a photoframe for one of her post.  Then I covered the frame with Holiday Time Christmas ribbon that I purchased at Walmart.  I glued the ribbon to the frame.  Since the decoration has to be double sided, I did this to try to get rid of the original look of the back of the picture frame.   Then I wrapped some red lace around the frame. 

Next I used more Holiday Time ribbon of a different pattern and made a bow.  I love the berry pattern.
 I attached it to the frame so that the bow was visible from the front and back. 

Then I hung my Dollarama bulb between the legs of the bow.  (Is that what they are called? :)

There was still more space left since the frame is farely large (11x14).  So... I added another bulb and some berries and a couple of pine cones that I found on a trail while walking the dog. 


  1. Cute idea! Love the pine etched? into the frame

  2. Kim this is fab. Your right, the berry ribbon is so nice, I love it too!
    I'm loving this, I bet it looks super hanging from your sign. Thanks a bunch for mentioning me! And thanks for linking up too!