Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Curtain Makeover- Scarf to Tab Topper

A little while ago, my aunt expressed interest in new curtains for her living room windows.  She had some scarves there at the time.   The material was nice with her décor, so instead of just buying more, we decided that a new look would do.  I had a pattern that I had used a number of times that is nice and easy, so that' was the one we used. (It is Simplicity 9848-- Sewing Patterns for Dummies).  I am not a bit offended by the pattern title, since what I do has been self taught.

 Here goes.  The first thing I did was get the window measurements and the pattern doesn't fit-- The largest pattern is too large and the smallest too small.  Adjustments required.   I would use the large sized pattern, but  I would make adjustments to the size of the folds in the end.  Oh yes, one other thing-- the pattern is designed so that the finished product is mounted to wood and mounted to the wall.  We used tabs instead.  The window was also long, so I moved the pattern down about 2 inches to add to the length.

As seen in the picture, the edges of the scarves were finished with a serger.  As a result, I didn't really want to hem the bottom either.  This fabric was thick with a plain back, so there was no need to line either.   

I used some lace that I folded over the bottom edge.
Next I placed a measure tape next to the fabric- set to the required width of the finished topper.  Using the pattern I calculated how much more I would have you use in the pleating to get the topper the correct size.  As you see below, I put pins to mark the centre and the outside edges of the pleats-- about 3/4 inch more on each side.  

I took the left pin and pulled the fabric in to the centre pin.  Then did the same on the right.   This was done for each section of the topper (as required by pattern). Then I pinned the pleat down to hold it in place.  

Then I took a piece of lace and attached it over the top.  

I made some tabs as well by cutting a piece of fabric 4 1/2 inched wide and the length of the fabric.  I sewed it lengthwise with right sides facing.  I cut them the length that I wanted for them to hang on the rod.  I turned the tabs right side out and attached them to the back of the topper.  Sewed across the top.


  1. These are very sweet! Nice folds on them...xo

  2. Oh how perfect. I love it. Great directions also. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. Nice folds...great job. Happy you linked to Things I've Done Thursday!


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