Monday, 16 January 2012

Nunavut Quilt

While teaching in Nunavut in a small community of Qikiqtarjuak, I decided to make a Northern Quilt to attempt to capture as much about the culture as possible.  Most of these pictures were traced from internet or children's books.  Unfortunately, I don't know right now what they are.  I used a black fabric marker to trace them and then Crayola crayons to color them.  After the pictures were done, I used brown paper and an iron to seal the crayon.  This is done by placing the brown paper on the quilt and ironing over it.

When selecting the colors, I tried to get it to correspond with the colors in the pictures.  After sewing together, I quilted it.

Here are the pictures:

Full Quilt
Here are some of the individual blocks.

Nunavut Coat of Arms

Inuit Lady pulling a Kamatik next to an Igloo.

Nunavut Flat


Flower native to Nunavut.  I don't know the name.

Inuit Lady

Drum made from animal skins stretched on wooden frame.  On the drum is an Inukshuk, Igloo, Walrus, and an Ulu.  

Blue Berry Picking on the Arctic Tundra

I am not sure what the picture itself is, but it is symbolic of the Inuit way of life.


Inuit Drum Dancer dress in traditional Inuit Clothing

Another picture of a flag.


  1. Hey,

    Long time no talk.
    I love this quilt, it's something to cherish for sure.

  2. Hi Kim, Do you like in Nunavut or did you travel there to teach?
    My friend Michele has an AWESOME quilting site, that has Quilting Bloggers from around the world and Nunavut is the only Territory for Canada missing from the map!
    Michele's site is Quilting Gallery dot com.

    LOVE all the quilting on your site and the fabulous curtain tutorial!