Saturday, 17 September 2011

Curtains and Pillows

 some of you may know,  I have problems spending a lot of money on items that I can make myself.  Thus, when it was time for new curtains in my bedroom, where I have 2 windows, it was shopping for fabric.  Fabricville had material that I really liked for $3.00 a meter, so I bought it.   Anyway here are the curtains I made using a Simplicity Pattern and since I love stars, I hung a star from each curtain to give it a country look.  

I had material left over and wasting good material is not an option, so I made an accent pillow for the bed.  I wanted to stitch something onto it and since it was for the bedroom, I used "Always Kiss Me Goodnight.  For this I printed the words from the computer and actually pinned the paper to the fabric.  I stitched the fabric and the paper and just tore the paper off when I was done.  Worked like a charm.
Then I machine appliquéd the fabric onto the rectangle that was to be the front of the pillow.  Added a couple of fabric stars and voila!
Still more fabric left over.  So I made 4 pillows for the living room.   Appliqued a large star in the centre  and sewed some little metal stars as well.  The metal stars have not med the favorites list of some because they have been known to stick into body parts when they are sat on.  (That's okay, I don't want these pillows to be used for head rests anyway.  Another way to preserve the look.  Only one draw back is Lexi, my dog who sheds, doesn't seem to mind the metal stars).

Still more left for dresser cloths.  Here are two of them.  

It cost me $15.00 for curtains, cloths for dressers, a pillow for my bed, and 4 pillows for the living room.  So now when I get tired of this, I can justify making more.   Oh, and I have a few more scraps left that may become a part of some Christmas decoration sometime.  Fun stuff!!

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  1. Those are awesome. I love the embroidered pillow especially. I'd love for you to stop by and join in my Sizzle into Summer party. These would be a big hit at the party.