Saturday, 17 September 2011

My Fabric Wreath

The was a wreath that I made while living in Repulse Bay, Nunavut.  The long cold winter gave me a lot of time to be crafty during my year there.  I am sure I will share more as time goes on.  That year, Wayne and I shared a house with another teacher in the community, Betty Brown, who also enjoyed making things.  She was prepared and took a lot of supplies with her and at times I borrowed from her stash.

For this project I began by making about 50 bows out of fabric. (It may have been more.   I just made more until I covered the frame). The bows were made by cutting strips of material-- about 2x4 inches.  Since the material was not stiff, I did a front and back to the bow by putting the right sides together and sewing around both pieces.  I left about an inch opening that I used to turn the bow right side out.  (I left the opening in the centre of one side so that I didn't have to be too particular in stitching the opening.  I was going to tie it anyway.)

Next I put a dab of hot glue on the opening that I had left and tied a piece of hemp string on each of the bows.   To make a wreath I had to have a circle of some sort, which was a challenge to find.  I started with a wooden quilting frame and put batting and material around it to make it larger.  Turned out to be quite useful.

Then I took each of the bows and hot glued them to the frame.  It turned out good.  Of course if you were picking up fabric for this or using left overs from a quilt, it may be easier to have a particular color scheme.   I have kept it hanging on the laundry room door for the past couple of years.

I decided though to give it another application for fall.

I hung it on my outside door.  (It will not be damaged because there is a storm door there as well).

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