Friday, 30 September 2011

Countdown to Christmas (Week 13)- Poinsettia Wall Hanging

Poinsettia Wall Hanging

This week for my Christmas countdown was made on a cold spring day (during a blizzard) while I lived in Repulse Bay, Nunavut (Aug. 2006- June 2007).  Once again, I borrowed a pattern and some fabric from Betty Brown, the lady that we shared a house with for that year.   I love the decoration and I put it up every year, but when I do it brings back memories of a wonderful uncle who passed away during the time that  I was working on this project.

Although it was such a sad time, especially being so far away from family, each year when I hang it for Christmas, I remember his life and the wonderful man he was.

Here is the project:

I do not have any photos of the process or the pattern, but it should not be very difficult to replicate using a photo from the internet.   I begin with some red velvet material that I cut out in the shape of a Poinsettia, some green leaves, a gold centre and some white fabric.  I appliqued these pieces to a piece of white fabric.

Then I added the borders.  When I had the top piece done I taped it to the floor using masking tape.  I placed a piece of fabric for the back to it so that the two right sides were facing each other.  Then I placed some batting on the top.  I sews around the edges, leaving a space of about 6 inches.  It was like a bag that I had to turn right side out.

Then I did some top stitching to give it more detail.

To finish it off, I added some tabs to the top.  

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