Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Count Down to Christmas (Week 14)

I know it's only September, but time has a way of sneaking around and before we know it, it's time to get ready for the jolly man in red.  Therefore, I am going to do a countdown to Christmas where I will add at least one Christmas idea a week until it arrives.  So here is Week 14.

Last Year, I wanted to decorate my plain white lamp shades for Christmas.  I liked them so much that I never did take the decorations off after.  It did not entirely say "Christmas" and it still complimented my living room.

My first task took me to Canadian Tire where I bought 2 candle ring accents.  This did not fit around my lamp, so I took it apart and made it into something that would.  Then I used the branches to keep it in place.  

The result was pleasing.

I still wanted to do something else though.   I took a piece of fabric that I had used to make cloths for the coffee and end tables and I ripped at strip to tie around the lamp.  This is the result.


  1. Simple. So simple and so cute. The stars and berries do well for Fall also. And it didn't cost you an arm and a to speak!:)
    I shall return..