Monday, 12 September 2011

Why The Root Cellar?

When I began thinking about doing a blog, I contemplated about a title-- of course it has to have a name.   I guess I tried to be creative and original, but then considered the purpose of the blog.   Yes, it is to share, but it is a little deeper than that.  I think about all that I have created in the past-- the quilts I've made, the things I have made to give away, and the things that have lost their luster and ended up eventually in the garbage. Whatever the fate, they are gone without anything other than the memory of me making it and the joy of giving it away.   As well,  for me creating has been somewhat of a social activity where friends and family have joined to spend some time just sewing, making crafts, or sharing ideas.  It is a part of who I am as much of what I know, I have been taught by my family or by people whose paths have crossed mine.   So, I guess one purpose of the blog is to preserve my creations, exactly the same way a "root cellar"  preserves.  

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