Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Goblin Watching the Door

I was recently given a large supply of lace and material, so I decided to make something out of it.  I wanted to have something at the top of the stairs looking towards the door, so that when the trick or treaters come they can see it.

Here's what I started with:  A balloon on a stick, some fabric strips, white fabric and lace, and black lace.

I took a couple of pieces of white fabric and covered the balloon and used a strip of fabric to tie them in place.

Next, I attached a hanger to the back of the balloon to prevent the next layers of fabric from just falling down around the stick.  

Oops!  I forgot to take a picture of the eyes and mouth that I painted on the front of the balloon (head).  Oh well, you will still see them later.  

I took another piece of fabric and wrapped it around the painted face and tied it with a strip of fabric.  Spooky!!

 Then I added a little black lace and put it looking towards the door.  By the way, I used the stick on the balloon and put it in a wine bottle so that it would stand up.  Almost done.

Wait, some bats would definitely add to the atmosphere.  I have just the thing:  plastic bat belt buckles (how's that for alliteration?)  They were also a part of the boxes of craft supplies that I got.  I also have some pieces of black and silver that I cut off of something else-- but that's a different blog.  Can't post that one until after the Halloween party at my nephew's school.  Now, that's going to be interesting.  
Anyway, I need to get back on topic.

I pulled the material through the belt buckle to make it look like bat wings.

I added the bats to the rails, along with some lace and the result is the Goblin watching the door.  I can't wait for my dog to have her first encounter-- it will be interesting.  To be safe, I even tied a piece of lace around the rails to hold the goblin in place.  


  1. This is actually quite Thanks for linking up to Things I've Done Thursday!


  2. That is awesome, before you know it you'll have the whole house decorated like I do!