Sunday, 30 October 2011

Christmas Bag

I like the brown paper bag idea for Christmas bags, but I like to see a little Christmas added to them.  This is my bag using the Christmas wrapping that I purchased at Costco last year and since the roll is so large will probably be using it for another 2 years :)

Anyway, let's look at the final product and then I will show you what I did to make it.  Side 1:

Side 2:

These are the items that I began with:

- Music sheet that I printed from the internet.  I'm not musical so I couldn't photocopy something from my collection.
- My snowman Christmas wrap.
- Jute
- Double sided tape
- Glue Gun
- Scissors

Also needed for later:

- Buttons
- Silver Links
- Card Stock
- Coffee 

As you can see, I cut the music notes with the scissors to the size that I wanted for the bag.  Ironically, I am using the Bat Wing design for the Christmas Bag.

I used the 2-way tape to stick the music notes to the bag.  Then I cut up squares of the Christmas wrap to make the little cones I need to make the wreath-like design.

I begin with the snow-man side out-- I didn't mention that the paper is double sided, so I do have some variety.   I hot-glued the cone shapes to the centre of the music sheet.

I finished the round as above and then fitted the cones with the snow-flake side.  I trimmed the cones to the shape and length that I needed after I glued them.  It may be easier to make them all and then cut before gluing-- live and learn.

Then I took a small piece of card stock and stuck some music note paper to both sides.  Used my finger to rub a little coffee on the front to give it a different look.  Then I glued this to the centre of the wreath design to cover the mass of glue.  Then I tied some jute around the card.

It looked a little bare on the front of the card, so I went to the buttons and links.  It kind of looks like a person now that I have glued it on, but that was not the intent.

As for Side 2, it's simple.  Glue the music notes to the back.  Add a strip of Christmas wrap and a jute bow.  Then it's done.

This afternoon holds the excitement of carving Blake's first Pumpkin.  Stay tuned for pictures of that.

Then tomorrow will reveal the Halloween Costume that my sister in law and I have been working on
for the past month-- stay tuned for  the nest generation of ......  can't reveal yet.


  1. I love this bag! Decorating with sheet music and buttons are a couple of my favorites. You should share this at my Shabby Shares link party over at Rustic Crafts. I also have a contest going on right now that you may be interested in :).

  2. This is beautiful. Your Christmas bag looks very festive. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Success U Wednesday.
    I hope you stop by for a visit.

  3. Looks very festive- great way to cover a bag, too. Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.


  4. That's very sweet and blue is one of my decorating colours for Christmas too.
    I'd love it if you could share this at my Simply Christmas Inspitaion Party at

  5. That is an adorable bag and so simple too. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower.
    Would love to see you DIY Home Sweet home.

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    P.P.S. I have a linky every Monday. Would love for you to stop by and link up.

  6. I wouldn't have thought that the links & buttons look like a person but now that you mention it, it totally does! I was thinking of dressing up some gift bags as well, love the blue paper from Costco!
    Thanks for linking up!