Monday, 31 October 2011

KISS- The Next Generation

Halloween Costume

My Nephew, Matthew, decided that he wanted to be Gene Simmons this year for Halloween.   His mother decided that "we" would make his costume.   It turned into somewhat of a cooperative affair.  Here is what we did.  Not bad considering the only thing not made was the wig.

For starters, we had to do some armor to go on his top.  That became my job.  Here is my progress.  I don't have a pattern to share, but pictures of most of the process-- I made it up as I went by looking at pictures from the net.  For the armor, I started with some paper that I cut out as templates for the upper vest.  I did the same for the other pieces.

We needed something to go on the shoulders for pads.  I even went to the good will looking for old shoulder pads from sports, but couldn't find anything.  So we made them from a plastic container that used to hold protein powder.

These would be the basis for the pads.

For the top, I had a plane black shirt to which I attached the armor.

 This was the chest armor.  Silver fabric for the front, batting to make it puffy, and a plain grey backing.  Only the silver can be seen once it is attached.  Next was the wings.

I used black and silver fabric and cut out the wings similar to a bat's wings.  These would be attached to the back and arms so that when the arms lifted, the wings spread.

The Pieces are all made and ready to be attached.

His father made the fantastic guitar cut out of wood.  His mother attached the spikes to the armor and made his boots.  They are made by attaching wooden blocks to a pair of boots,  modeling clay for the face, and a cut up window reflector for the top.  Spray painted as well.

Matthew also got three friends to be the other band members so the entire band was there.  They won first place for costume at their school.


  1. Wow, wow, wow! What a great costume and it makes it so much better having the whole band! I am your newest follower. Karima

  2. Love that the group dressed up as the band! Great costume. Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.