Saturday, 8 October 2011

Countdown to Christmas Week 12 --My Parent's House at Christmas

For this week, it isn't about anything that I created or made, but an experience that I share.  Regardless of how old you are, you reflect back on Christmas past.  Remember what it was like as a child to wake up on Christmas morning- if you slept, and crept out to see if Santa had been there.  Then asking your parent if it was time to get up-- maybe it was 5 am.  My brother and I were always told to open our stockings and by that time, it would be time to get up.  We dumped everything out on the bed and started with the chocolate and chips- and that was just the beginning.

Then we would go to the window to see it anyone was up in Nan's and Granda's house.  If it was, it was time to get up for sure-- if not-- there was pride in saying we were up first.  Once all the gifts were opened, we had a breakfast- I always had raison bread toast,  YUM!!!   By that time, Shirley and Troy were usually into the house to see our gifts.  Then we all got ready and went to the Burry house to see their gifts.  When we got older, Uncle Bill always served coffee with a shot of Bailey's.  That was sure good as well.

Then the whole clan separated to get ready for a Christmas feast.  Most of the time, it was at Nan's and Granda's until they got older and then people took turns.

Since those days, a lot has changed.   New traditions have been started, but it is still great to reflect on the good ole days.   Last year, while visiting my parents' house, I took some pictures around the house.  It's still good to go "home"  sometime during Christmas.

Let's begin with the fireplace.  The greenery was made by my sister-in-law, Cathy.  I may have to get her to do a tutorial of this with me sometime soon.  I wouldn't mind having one.

Mr.  Frosty stands in a dangerous place- in front of the fireplace.  It's a good thing it isn't lit.

This Santa was a surprise gift to Mom last year from Dad. 

The wooden reindeer are curled up in front and the rug gives everyone a message we should listen to.

A wooden shelf in the living room 

Another shelf.

The next few are of decorations on the tree.  I have to look for the picture of the completed tree.  Really country looking.

The dining Room.  I love the colors.

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