Sunday, 23 October 2011

Home Made Christmas Cards-- Card 1-- Star

Last winter - I guess it was in February- I saw some Christmas Cards that were originally priced for $12.00 for $1.50.  The only problem is they were for inserting photos to the front.  I have decided to be creative and to try a few different ways of doing them.  So far, I have done only 3-- how many days until Christmas??  Anyway, as I do new designs, I will post them.

The first uses a technique called Iris Folding.  There are many free patterns for this on-line, but the one I used was   This was what I started with:

Card Stock Paper
Scotch Tape
Utility Knife
I took the pattern and placed it on top of the red card stock and I used a pencil to trace around the lines of the perimeter of the pattern.   This left a dent in the card stock that I was able to see and cut out the star shape.  

This is the pattern.  I taped the card stock to the top of the pattern so that I could follow the lines.  I also cut the pattern guide off so that I could see the numbers that I had to cover with each color.  The side of the card stock viewed is the back.

I began taping the ribbon over the spaces following the pattern guide.

When I had covered the last one- the Iris- I turned it over and this is what I had.

I then put it in the card.


  1. Hi! Neat card effect - I never would have thought of this. However, you linked up to The Pinterest Challenge, and I think you might want to put this on I Made It! Monday. Please switch, otherwise we have to delete your link. :(

  2. This may be my fave ... really love the star design - I see now you got a template online, will go check that out. Thanks for sharing the card beauty with me!

    How would you like to do a crafting feature on my blog one day - I'd love to have you come over to post, let my friends meet you. Let me know if you'd be interested.