Monday, 24 October 2011

Home Made Christmas Card - Card # 3-- Ornament

The third Christmas Card is my favorite so far.  I think I will make more of these.   Try a few different colors and different arrangements on the star.  

First I drew some stars-- for this and future ornaments.

Then I accordion folded a piece of lace and tied it with ribbon in the centre.

I tore the cardboard so that the star was corrugated. And then I glued the lace to the cardboard with hot glue and added a few buttons.

I used brown paper for the background and a piece of red card stock.

Attached some jute for a hanger and then a small dab of hot glue to hold the star in place.  It can now be easily removed for an ornament.  Not sure how the envelop will work for these.  Certainly not an option to mail.  

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  1. Oh I'm so glad to find you - I think we may be two of the few who are going to town making Christmas ornaments in October :) Love what you've done with this, please tell me how you drew that star, I see the dots in the corners ... is there an instrument to help me? Love the lace, the colors, the buttons. Come see what I've been doing when you get a minute - love to share my ornament love with ya!